There is no Second Best Attribute


The Sombrerito Banditos (herein Banditos) is a coalition of Solana Monkey Business (SMB) Sombrero enthusiasts founded with the objective to collaboratively ensure that Sombreros are recognized as the undisputed best attribute for any Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Project.

The BanditoDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) established for the formalization of structure for Banditos to collectively achieve this purpose. There is no organizational hierarchy within the BanditoDAO, and all members are equally empowered to identify and coordinate Sombrero advancement activities in line with the organization’s purpose and objectives.

Validator Council

Bandito Stables: Degen Horse Racing

Bandito Stables is a syndicate of BanditoDAO members who’ve built a horse stable in a fun, high-quality horse racing game called Photo Finish Live. This is an on-chain, (Solana) NFT based game. 

BanditoStake: Decentralizing the Network

In January of 2023, a group of 8 BanditoDAO members started a Solana validator. This group became known as the Validator Council and controls the DAO Treasury with a musti-sig wallet.

We entered a strategic partnership with SolBlaze (link below) to provide liquid staking opportunities for our delegators. Use BSOL to gain extra rewards in the form of BLZE.

Our validator is ranked high on all metrics with over 40,000 SOL staked and our council works every day to keep the validator running and planning for future staking opportunities. We would be honored to receive any delegation, the best way to decentralize the Solana network is by staking.